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The Madeira Wine Cottages form a private, small complex of four 1 bedroom houses in the village of Estreito da Calheta, which is situated about 300 meters above sea level, on the south-west coast of the Island of Madeira

CalhetaPhoto is a lovely location for nature loving visitors who would like to stay in an environment surrounded by farmland, vineyards and gardens.

From all the cottages there is a lovely view over the hills of Calheta to the Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira Wine Cottages

The cottages opened in 2007 and are named after different types of Madeira wine.


Is the driest and lightest; the grape itself is known as Esgana Cão (“dog strangler”) in mainland Portugal because of its aggressive acidity.

Is generally a touch fuller and sweeter, with a hint of smoke on the nose. It retains a clean acidic crispness on the finish.

Boal (or Bual)
Its sweetness begins to move into the dessert wine level. The smokiness remains, but raisiny fruits are also more prominent

Is rich and sweet, and resembles tawny Port in many ways, showing lots of caramel, nut, and coffee aromas.

The location of the cottages on the island makes it a necessity to have a hire car. If you would like to use a local company we can recommend, please view “contact

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